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About Yinrong

Our History

Founded in 1980, Zhejiang Galaxy Fuse Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. We not only provide customers with high-quality high and low voltage fuses, solar photovoltaic fuses, new energy auto fuses and other series of fuses and fuse holders, also support mould development and special fuse customized service. We specialize in AC NH Knife-Blade HRC Fuse, AC Industrial Fuse, and NH Fuse Type Disconnector. Over the years, Zhejiang Galaxy has obtained more than 40 patents, 3 inventions, over 10 the United States UL certificates, and over 50 German Rhineland TUV and CE certificates. We research and develop several manufacturing processes independently, such as using parallel fuse arc extinguishing technology, fast-breaking circuit protection technology, insulation ceramic sleeve anti-explosion technology and other advanced technologies, which greatly improve the withstand voltage, breaking capacity and safety of the fuse. To guarantee the product performance and production capacity, We strictly follow industry standards and quality system in design and production and use automated equipment for processing. The dispenser can dispense 100,000 pieces products per day while the automatic inner ring pressing machine can stamp 80,000 pieces products per day. Zhejiang Galaxy insists on the spirit of technological innovation and realistic development, with the joint efforts of all employees, our company continuously expands the business areas and builds brand awareness. Our products have been exported to Europe, the United States, India, South Korea, Southeast Asia and other countries. We dedicate to bringing customers high-quality products and cooperation experience. Zhejiang Galaxy Fuse Co., Ltd., a company of 40 years of dedication and experience only for providing you with safer circuit protection!

Production Market

Yinrong Fuse products throughout the country, at the same time in the team's efforts to develop Europe, the United States, India, South Korea, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.

Our Exhibition

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