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As a professional high quality EV and HEV Power Fuse manufacturers, you can rest assured to buy EV and HEV Power Fuse from Yinrong and we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery. Yinrong YREV series electric vehicle (EV) and Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) power fuses are specially customized protection products for new energy vehicle batteries. This series of EV fuses is suitable for 500-1000V DC automotive systems, including fuses rated up to 1000A. Yingrong EV fuses provide high performance DC protection for electric vehicle drive systems, auxiliary systems and battery systems.
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1000VDC 630A EV and HEV Battery Fuse

1000VDC 630A EV and HEV Battery Fuse

Galaxy Fuse (Yinrong) is a trusted manufacturer of electrical components, and their 1000VDC 630A EV and HEV Battery Fuse exemplifies their expertise. Specifically engineered for electric and hybrid electric vehicle applications, these fuses offer superior protection and high-performance functionality. With a robust design and the ability to handle amperages up to 630A within a 1000VDC voltage range, these fuses ensure reliable and safe operation for EV and HEV battery systems.

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High quality EV and HEV Power Fuse is not only durable, but also fast-delivery and available. Yinrong is a professional China EV and HEV Power Fuse manufacturers and suppliers and we have our own brands. Our products are in stock. Our factory has CE, TUV, UL certificates.
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