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Fire safety is everyone's responsibility. - Galaxy Fuse fire drill


Fire is a warning, safety is above everything, life is more important than Mount Tai.  In order to effectively enhance the fire safety awareness of all employees and the ability to handle emergency fire accidents, on the morning of November 30, Beijing time, Galaxy Fuse held annual routine fire knowledge training and fire drill activities.

As soon as the factory fire alarm sounded, all employees immediately stopped their work and quickly evacuated to the first floor. The fire drill, by the workshop director Xie explained the purpose of the drill activities, Xie said: "We should take precautions, prevent problems before they happen, ensure that the fire awareness and fire skills to everyone, fundamentally eliminate safety risks, improve the fire awareness of employees, to protect the safety of life and property." Then, give everyone training on fire protection knowledge, and point out the safety points that the factory needs to focus on.

Director Xie explained to employees how to correctly alarm, self-rescue, prevention and initial fire extinguishing methods after a fire, and how to correctly use fire extinguishers and escape quickly when encountering fire accidents.

After the workshop supervisor conducted the fire extinguisher demonstration, the workshop management and employees were arranged to drill in turn. Through practical operation, the employees were more clearly aware of the use of fire extinguishers, operating steps and related fire extinguishing precautions.

For enterprises, fire safety work is the key to promote the healthy and stable development of enterprises, is an important link to protect the life and property safety of owners and employees, and is an important part of safe production. Galaxy Fuse hopes to pass such a fire drill, further strengthen the staff's fire safety publicity, effectively enhance the staff's safety awareness, improve the staff's emergency self-rescue firefighting ability, so as to comprehensively improve the safety production emergency capacity! Further do a good job of safety work, do practical, eliminate all kinds of safety hazards in the bud, take effective measures to prevent the occurrence of all fire accidents, and truly "nip in the bud"!

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