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14×65 1500VDC gPV Fuse
  • 14×65 1500VDC gPV Fuse14×65 1500VDC gPV Fuse
  • 14×65 1500VDC gPV Fuse14×65 1500VDC gPV Fuse
  • 14×65 1500VDC gPV Fuse14×65 1500VDC gPV Fuse
  • 14×65 1500VDC gPV Fuse14×65 1500VDC gPV Fuse
  • 14×65 1500VDC gPV Fuse14×65 1500VDC gPV Fuse

14×65 1500VDC gPV Fuse

Find a huge selection of 14×65 1500VDC gPV Fuse from China at Yinrong. Yinrong's solar series of 14 x 65 1500VDC gPV fuse with fuse holder is a specialized type of photovoltaic fuse designed to provide protection and isolation to photovoltaic strings. The use of these fuses helps to safeguard the overall system against various types of faults and overcurrents. 14×65 1500VDC gPV Fuse link are designed to interrupt low overcurrents associated with faulted PV systems, such as reverse current and multi-array faults. In particular, 14 x 65 1500VDC gPV fuse holder provides a convenient and secure way to install and replace the fuse link when necessary. This is important because photovoltaic systems can be difficult and dangerous to service, especially when high voltages are involved. The fuse holder helps to minimize the risk of accidental electrical contact, making it easier and safer for technicians to maintain the system.

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Product Description

Yinrong is a leading China 14×65 1500VDC gPV Fuse manufacturers and suppliers. Yinrong Fuse 14×65 1500VDC gPV Fuse is an electrical protection component commonly used in photovoltaic systems. 14×65 1500VDC gPV Fuse has a diameter of 14mm and a length of 65mm, usually in cylindrical shape. 14×65 1500VDC gPV Fuse fuse is typically used in DC circuits and has the characteristics of fast-acting fuses and high reliability, which can quickly disconnect the circuit when overcurrent occurs to protect the circuit from damage. The rated voltage of the photovoltaic fuse is generally 1500VDC, and the rated current is usually between 10-63A. Additionally, the photovoltaic fuse needs to have the characteristics of high temperature resistance to ensure normal operation in high-temperature environments. Photovoltaic fuses should comply with relevant safety standards and certification requirements to ensure that they do not pose a threat to personal safety or circuit safety during use.

Rated Voltage


Rated Current


Breaking Capacity


Fuse Size


Operating Class



Support 1P/2P/3P/4P Fuse Holder




Compatible Fuse holder/Accessories

YRPV-63 Fuse holder 

Applications of 14×65 1500VDC gPV Fuse

- DC Photovoltaic Combiner Box

-PV string/array level protection

-In-line PV module protection

-Battery charge controllers

Country of Origin




Rated Voltage (V)

Rated Current (A)

Breaking Capacity (kA)

YRPV-63 14×65 Fuse Link



1500VDC UL:25kA

YRPV-63 Fuse Holder




Time-Current Characteristic



135% In

200% In

113% In

145% In

< 1h fusing

< 240s fusing

> 1h non fusing

< 1h  fusing


Note : Subsequent standard updates will not afect the performance and noral use of the product.

Time-Current Curve


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