NT Fuse Extractor
  • NT Fuse ExtractorNT Fuse Extractor
  • NT Fuse ExtractorNT Fuse Extractor
  • NT Fuse ExtractorNT Fuse Extractor

NT Fuse Extractor

The Galaxy Fuse's (Yinrong) NT Fuse Extractor is specifically designed for the removal of NT fuses ranging from sizes 00C to 4. With this NT Fuse Extractor, operators can safely install and remove NT fuses without any risk of coming into contact with live parts. It provides the utmost safety measures for the task at hand.

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Product Description

The NT Fuse Extractor by Galaxy Fuse (Yinrong) is an excellent tool for effectively removing NT fuses ranging from sizes 00C to 4. This extractor prioritizes operator safety by ensuring that there is no contact with live parts during the installation and removal of NT fuses. It offers a secure and reliable method for handling NT fuses while minimizing any potential risks to the operator.

Step 1:Inserting the fuse link into the fuse handle:

Fuse links sizes from NH00C to NH3 can be inserted in the fuse handle. The fuse link must be correctly inserted into the fuse handle. When inserting the fuse link into the handle, the security key must lock. Otherwise, the fuse is dropped and damaged.

Step 2:Inserting the fuse link into the fuse holder:

The fuse link with the fuse handle is inserted into the fuse base to the end. Care must be taken to insert the fuse link in parallel with the fuse base.

Step 3:Removing the fuse handle:

The fuse handle is removed by pressing the lock button. Then push the fuse handle down and from the fuse link.



Rated Voltage(V)

Match-able NT Fuse Size

Overall Dimension


NT Fuse Extractor


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